PW3115 - 650VA

PW3115 - 650VA

Eaton UPS Systems

  • $ 25897

Powerware 3115 completes Powerware�s full line of power protection products. The Powerware 3115 is the ideal UPS for PCs, workstations, point-of-sale (POS) systems, cash registers, network nodes, and similar equipment requiring basic cost-effective protection.

Because an integral part of power protection is power management software, the Powerware 3115 comes fully equipped with a communications port, serial cable, and a CD containing power management software to ensure data integrity during extended power failures.

Designed with a small footprint, the Powerware 3115 is easy to install and operate. Audible alarms inform you of any fault conditions, and when the replace battery alarm sounds, there�s no need to return the unit to the factory for service. Instead, you can save money by simply replacing the batteries without having to purchase a new UPS.

Backed by Powerware�s exclusive Triple Power Warranty and bearing full agency approvals, the Powerware 3115 incorporates the highest level of service, design, and performance. The Powerware 3115 is power protection you can count on to keep you up and running�without interruption!

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