Topaz 800-500VA

Topaz 800-500VA

MGE UPS Systems

  • $ 59997
  • Save $ 6903

Topaz 800 power conditioners provide high quality power with inherent surge protection, noise and bi-directional harmonic filtering, as well as superior isolation.

Unique "Ride-through" Capability:
The Topaz 800 generates its output voltage by a circuit operating as a powerful stored energy oscillator. Even with a loss of input voltage for one entire cycle, the output retains its tight regulation. The Topaz 800 offers battery back-up behavior without the space required by the batteries or the cost.
Immunity to Distortion:
With an input waveform distortion as high as 40%, the output of the Topaz 800 delivers a transient-free sine wave with no more than 5% harmonic distortion.
Short Circuit Proof:
The Topaz 800 sustains operation under short circuit conditions without damaging the unit.
Variable Range Regulation (VRR):
Variable Range Regulation, extends the usable input voltage window, depending on load. VRR provides regulated voltage under extreme brownout conditions or surges up to 200%. The output voltage remains tightly regulated under the following conditions. Vin, 5% Max THD Vout.

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