Inverters, Line Conditioners, UPS Backups

Our huge range of power products and equipment include surge protectors, inverters, ups backups, and our complete line of power line conditioners. Quality is, and has forever been, our number one goal. We offer popular brand names such as Exeltech, Gillette, MGE, Voltmaters, Outback Power and Winco. Note that this means that whether you need any product from a lager UPS back up system to a server room surge protector, we have the power protection you need! Find a complete line up of our most popular power inverters and electric line conditioners.
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These work great in a office manager server room or computer lab location. Shop our full listing of power surge protection boxes for sale below. Along with battery backup inverters lends itself to many commercial installation applications. The units have been used to protect notable public like like schools, courthouses, office buildings and government offices. Electrical power protection helps will balance contemporary electrical engineering with a safety design, and it offers a wide range of possibilities that will stand the true test, and protect your investments.
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Power Products