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  • Portable Generators

    Portable Generators

    When choosing a portable generator, find one with at least a 5,000 KW output. That would be enough to power a few lights and a refrigerator for example. Keep in mind the generator’s weight, size, handle or wheel type. This will be important if you need to transport it regularly.
  • Air Compressors

    Air Compressors

    Air compressors are a machine that converts power into potential energy stored in the form of compressed air. Air compressors force air into a storage tank, building pressure. When the storage tank pressure reaches its limit the air compressor shuts off. The compressed air is held in the holding tank until called into use.
  • Gillette Generators

    Gillette Generators

    Gillette Generators has grown into a large company offering standby generators to commercial, military, institutional, industrial, and residential markets. Gillette is proud to offer American made. Their available Natural gas, LPG, and diesel fueled standby generators are available from 12 kilowatt to 400 kilowatt output sizes.
  • OutBack Inverters

    OutBack Inverters

    OutBack Power Technologies is a manufacturer of cutting edge power conversion products like power inverter chargers. Their products provide reliable electric power for the renewable energy and backup power markets. Outback has decades of power conversion design and equipment experience for ease of use and standardization.


The standby generator differs from the portable generator because it is compact and mobile enough to be brought to different locations such as job sites, campgrounds, and your own back yard. They are also cheaper than a standby generator, costing around $350. Also, these portable generators do not require installation time like standby units do. Portable generators have to be manually started during power outages which also differs from standby generators that would start on there own once it detects the power has failed.

Another difference between a portable and standby generator is that a portable generator is generally powered by gasoline while standby generators are powered by natural gas or liquid propane. Although a portable generator may seem to have exceptionally humble elements when compared to a standby generator it does have its uses. Portable generators provide 3KW to 12KW of power and with that output you should have plenty of power to run household essentials such as a heater, water pumps, several lights, and your refrigerator. Although this generator wont power your AC or plasma television, the electricity generated from these portable generators can come in handy during an hour or more of power outages.